Cirkus Tværs from Aarhus, Denmark

Circus Tværs is a socio-cultural project where they use circus as a tool in educational and social work.

Circus Tværs has existed since 1986 and is today a fully equipped circus.


Circus Tværs is a non profit organisation where young people can enter from the street, free of charge and learn how to do circus. In the Circus, you can cultivate all circus disciplines like juggling, unicycle, trapeze and acrobatics. Circus Tværs perform approximately 50 times a year – Anywhere and for (almost) anyone – and have performed throughout Europe from Moscow to Florence. Circus Tværs is not a circus school, but a place where young people get good healthy values and find that they can do much more than they think. The goal is not to train professional artists for the general circus, but to help children and young people get some good tools and prerequisites for a good living.

Director of Cirkus Tværs, Søren Stockmar.


CIRKUS TVÆRS at MINI ART FESTIVAL 8th edition  1-8. June 2018.

10 members from the Danish Social Circus Group ‘Cirkus Tværs’ will be giving performances and workshops at the Modern Circus Festival in Sofia, Mini Art Fest 8

One of the main purposes of MAF8 (Mini Art Fest) is to include and engage socially disadvantaged groups from the societies of Sofia’s districts and primarily young people in the society, using circus activities that gives the youth social and creative skills.




                             A INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE


     7. June 2018       at: The French Institute in Sofia from 09 -13:00

Presenting Danish experiences in the field of Youth Circus – Cirkus Tværs with their 30 years’ experience they are in the lead of this conference with topics of: How to build up Social Circus in the society, how to run a Social Circus, what is the effect of having a Social Circus in the society.

Mini Art Foundation presenting their spring 2018 pilot project “Social Circus”, their 2020 vision with a Social Circus Space in Sofia and their plans in the field of Social Circus activities for Sofia districts and the integration of The Social Circus Methodology for the developments in the social sector for young people in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference will also contain small circus acts to freshen up, coffee breaks and debate.

For participation and questions:  or phone:  +359 897 555 484




Watch “Mosaic”  of Cirkus Tværs from 2016:



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