16-21 AUGUST 2022

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                                                  Tsarevo town                       Black Sea Coast


From August 16 to 21, one of the most attractive places on the Southern Black Sea coast, X Challenge
Park in the city of Tsarevo, will host the spectacular event, including an international program,
workshops, circus camps and many more surprises!

Expect tickets on sale online soon!

For everyone who wants to support in the setting up, running and taking down the festival (Volunteers) contact us via e-mail: miniartfest@gmail.com
Or on tel. 089755548
The international program of performances, summer circus camp and circus workshops are prepared for the
open-air audience in the disciplines: trapeze, unicycle, acrobatics and break dance.
The program also includes intensive 5-day circus training, in which anyone willing to test their skills and
acquire new knowledge and skills will be able to participate. Of course, there is also a special area for
snacks and fresh drinks, as well as many more surprises and activities on the territory of the X Challenge
Park skate park.
About X Challenge Park
Located in the center of the city of Tsarevo, X Challenge Park has established itself as one of the most
remarkable places on our Southern Black Sea coast. Its infrastructure is built on an area of ​​15 acres with
separate areas for alternative sports, a festival area, a restaurant, a bar, a shop, a campsite and a co-
working area, following the principle of minimal intervention in the environment.
Every summer, sports competitions, an alternative marathon, music and exhibition events, evening talk events, summer
camps, workshops and others are organized in the park, and on August 16-21, the attractive space will
host the Mini Art Fest 12 – Tsarevo!
Don’t forget the Camping аrea in the park, we will be putting up tents in the fresh grove.
Mission of Mini Art Fest 12 – Tsarevo
We will continue the mission of social integration and wide accessibility, embedded in the concept of
the Mini Art Foundation since its inception. Special circus workshops are planned for the residents of the
city of Tsarevo, as well as a special discount on the ticket price (50%). Refugees, representatives of
various social groups with specific needs – pensioners, socially weak and disabled people, as well as
Children from 7 to 14 years old, who can visit the event with a parent, and for the younger ones it is
completely free.
Mini Art Fest 12 Tsarevo is organized by Mini Art Foundation in partnership with X Challenge skate park.
Official partner National Fund “Culture”.


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Festival program and info

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