The Igrachka-Plachko Circus started in 2014 as a joint project for a traveling performance between two clowns – Mila Ivanova (Igrachka) and Tihomir Dimitrov (Plachko).

They are a genre mix between theater and circus, combining a portion of laughter, a certain amount of fear, interactive games with audiences, showing dexterity and balance.

Igrachka and Plachko are fascinated in games, they juggle together, but always one wants to surpass the other to show who is best.

This puts them in a row of comic situations on the stage and, like the life of a toy, becomes crying.

Igrachka-Plachko is suitable for both younger and older parents …

The show consists of 3 stages. The first stage predisposes the audience to relax and entertain curiosity in the circus world.

It includes gentle soap bubbles combined with contact juggling. The second stage is interactive, with the participation of a volunteer by the audience.

It has a street clown as a technique and is totally comedy. Third stage is the most dynamic.

The audience can enjoy lightning juggling and mastering the world’s most dangerous wheel-giraffe.

from Bulgaria

Public: all ages

Fb page Igrachka-Plachko Circus

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