Jose & Dani

Argentine – based in Barcelone


Josefina Castro & Daniel Ortiz

At the beginning of 2010, we began to work together, in the discipline aerial cradle.
After 2 years of being working and training in different companies and shows in Argentina and Uruguay,
we decided to make a trip to Europe to train with Yuri Sakalov.
We spent 6 months training at the Rosny…. in Paris, and with Yuri in Brussels.
In 2013 we applied at ESAC (Ecole Superieure des Arts du Cirque) to study and perfect ourselves for 3 years.
In June of 2016 we finished ESAC.
Then we worked in Paris, at the Monfort Theatre in the spectacle Terabak de Kyiv (October, December 2016 and January 2017)
We also participate at de 38º Festival Mondial de Cirque de Demain. (winning Silver Medal, Moulin Rouge Prize and Audience Prize)
Nowadays, we are working on a 20 minutes performance. (Febreaury – March 2017)