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“The new form of circus arts SOCIAL CIRCUS unites people
it really gives people a chance to grow at their own pace
and get to know each other truly and honestly.”

Lyuben Mishev, Retail Manager JYSK Bulgaria

JYSK.bg has with Mr. Søren Jacobsen former Ambassador from Denmark to Bulgaria (2018-2021)
made it possible for the Mini Art Center (first social circus space in Sofia and Bulgaria) to be fully equipped with furniture’s to run the everyday activities, with a beautiful Scandinavian minimalistic design in each room, making the center very attractive and comfortable for all ages.

By:  Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania 




ARTICLES  “The opening of the first social circus center in Bulgaria”

Photo gallery: The new home of the social circus in Sofia(DNEVNIK.bg)

New find in the city: Mini Art Center for circus training(momichetata.com)

The social circus through the eyes of the Danish ambassador (DNEVNIK.bg)




Private Donors


Mr. Tony Barreau 

“This is a investment and it is an important one for me”  says Tony during a visit and meeting with Mini Art Foundation in Sofia. 

The generous and thoughtful support of individuals like you makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make the community of Sofia a great place to live.

On behalf of the Mini Art Foundation, staff and all our participants, we express our sincere  thanks to you.





Organizational donations


December 8th 2020, a heavy box arrived full with the most beautiful handstand blocks and canes.
Very needed circus props for our students to be able to continue develop their hand-balancing skills and stay motivated.

A huge thanks for this donation,
We can´t wait to start the new year and present for all our students in our circus and handstand classes.


Watch our unbox video   > click here <




IWC – International Women’s Club in Sofia   /   www.iwc-sofia.org
On May 15, 2019  
the fund granted us for the purchase of new equipment’s for the development of the social circus project for a better quality





The Mini Art Foundation works with all children, youth and adults
from various groups as the ones who is at social risk, children with special needs, lazy teenagers, young adults who need a guide or inspiration, we empower them all through social circus arts. 


These children develop social skills, they find ability to communicate, achieving movement coordination and balance of own body through different circus disciplines in these projects. As their opportunities to become eligible members of society are narrow in Bulgaria the circus is a place for them to find talent and competence in themselves.


– –

Vice President of Mini Art Foundation / Author of social circus program in Sofia   – Galina Ryom-Røjbek
“Through our projects, we see how they exceed their own limits, and when they exceed their own limits, something important happens and also in the time after. When you get the senses opened up, you get quality of life.

It is not something we talk so much about in our everyday fast life, but presence and time together is so important.  Then people develop. And as they evolve, it also gives them the potential to take a step further in life. As an example, I saw this developing step for a blind person from our projects, how he feel the world in a new way after being able to juggle and do tricks with a ball. And how he dare more things because he have got this new experience, the day today he is surrounded by friends, and he have two jobs!”


Founder of Mini Art Foundation / and Mini Art Festival – Geo Kalev
This project, these kids and young people, they changed the way that I had been presenting circus, and I was sure after the first social circus project for Sofia, Bulgaria that I wanted to make a difference with circus not just presenting performances and entertain.

We are searching enough donations to build, design and open the doors for our first center for circus ” Mini Art”  for you, which will host all our activities.

Daily social circus classes, unicycle sport, guests of the Mini Art Festival, photography studio, your exhibition, the birthday party, a conference, Movie nights and much more.
Yes being able to have a place for all children, whether it is a disabled child, a child without parents, or your child, it is important to have an open place where they can feel at home and also be challenged.
Social Circus is accessible to all – you don’t need to have literacy skills to take part and fully engage. It works effectively with the poorest and the richest people and empowers them to engage, learn, play, laugh, join a group, share their skills and do things as a team across social boundaries.
It feeds back positive energy into the community.” 




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